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Iterative prototyping with Charlie Cleveland - GD Podcast episode 33

Game Developer

In the latest Game Developer podcast episode, we dive deep on prototyping and iterative design with Charlie Cleveland, game director on Subnautica and Moonbreaker.

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Video Game Prototyping and Its Importance in Game Development

Logic Simplified

Therefore, before developing the game's final version, you must test a prototype. This is one of the most crucial parts of game development that can boost the game’s overall quality and success. What is a video game prototype, and why is it essential? Why do you need video game prototyping?


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The Growing Significance of Rapid Game Prototyping in Game Development

iXie gaming

It’s no news that the game development sector is a highly competitive one with capable hands who constantly work hard. However, getting a competitive edge in the industry requires creativity and that’s where rapid game prototyping comes in. It gives game producers the environment to conduct experiments and take chances.

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From Concept to Launch: The Step-by-Step Game Development Process

Big Games

Developing a game is no child’s play! Game developers can vouch that the game development landscape does not look as pretty and exciting as it seems. Months, sometimes years of planning, impending deadlines, trials, and corrections go into creating a video game loved by the targeted audience.

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Game Development Tips: Free Game Assets for Prototyping


Studios are using premade, free game assets to help them iterate more quickly before committing to any particular feature or game mechanic. Here, we will discuss how you can use free game assets — such as Unity free assets — for your video game prototype, and how a digital asset management tool can help.

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Game Prototype Development – Everything you need to know

iXie gaming

In game development, one of the most essential aspects is prototyping. In today’s world, game development is an art, and quite inarguably, it is one of the most complex and intricate art forms. In this article, you’ll learn some significant and exciting things about the development of game prototypes.

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How Rubber Duck Games developed a boss fight in Evil Wizard

Unity Blog

In this guest blog, the Rubber Duck Games team breaks down the journey to developing a boss fight for Evil Wizard – from design and prototyping to animation, testing, balancing, and finalizing the visual effects.