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Authentication for Mobile Games

AWS Games

For mobile games in particular, managing the authentication and authorization of your players can pose some unique challenges. Some of these challenges relate to the use of mobile devices themselves. Outdated or insecure cryptography : Many mobile devices run outdated operating systems which no longer receive security updates.

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Anime platform Crunchyroll launches Game Vault to let subscribers play

Game Developer

The new initiative will grant select Crunchyroll subscribers access to an expanding collection of mobile games.

Games 269

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Mobile Games and Cross-Platform Development Projects

Starloop Studios

With the mobile gaming industry’s continued growth year after year, mobile devices are becoming a platform of choice for numerous developers and publishers. Mobile games have evolved immensely from their roots are rudimentary puzzle games into viable and complex titles in their own right.

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5 Best Practices for Mobile Game Test Automation 

iXie gaming

Modern mobile games have high-quality animations, sounds, and visuals. Manually testing these games can be time-consuming, delaying the time-to-market. However, releasing a game that has not been thoroughly tested can affect its success and performance, leading to a poor gaming experience.

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Cost Effective Platforms for Mobile Gaming

Code with Mike

Mobile gaming has historically gotten a bad rap with the wider gaming industry. When the App Store launched alongside the iPhone 3G in 2008, console and PC gaming was finally beginning to stake its claim to being a valid 21st […] The post Cost Effective Platforms for Mobile Gaming appeared first on CodeWithMike.

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Why 70% of Developers Prefer Unity for Mobile Game Development 

iXie gaming

Mobile gaming has become popular in recent times thanks to the growing number of mobile device users. Several mobile game engines are used to create mobile games. However, Unity has stood out as one of the most preferred and trusted mobile game engines. Let’s find out.

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Bucking the Recession in Mobile Gaming

Deconstructor of Fun

and Deconstructor of Fun’s latest collaborative report, we dive deep into a comprehensive analysis of the mobile gaming sector and which genres are defying the economic slowdown. These three factors have traditionally made mobile gaming venture capital (VC) friendly, which brings in the capital that keeps the flywheel going.