Sat.Mar 30, 2024

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Unreal Physics is Out Now

Indie DB

Unreal Physics is a free to play exploration of in-game physics like never before, this dynamic 3D sandbox features a mesmerizing collection of demos, showcasing stunning visuals and realistic simulations. It's a playground of endless possibilities where.

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Bannet Bulletin Ep. 2 – The Skill Grid, Characters, and a game update

Keith Burgun

Hey all. Today I wanted to talk about the SKILL GRID for my upcoming RPG, and talk about how it interacts with playable characters. I also give an update on some of the games I’m playing. Enjoy! The FFX “Sphere Grid”, an inspiration for our Skill Grid Don’t forget: you can support my work by going to and becoming a patron!

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Practice Game Development by Entering Game Jams

Cloudy Heaven Games

This coming Monday (April 1, 2024), I will be starting a new series of game jams, to help myself and other developers practice game design and development skills. A game jam is an event in … Continue reading → The post Practice Game Development by Entering Game Jams appeared first on Cloudy Heaven Games.

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Scriptable Asset - A way for you to modify JSON files inside Cocos Creator


Hello! I have developed a Cocos Creator editor extension This image shows how the scriptable asset will show when you add it as a component to your node As you can see, this tool makes it easier to understand right from your inspector with your JSON files. It renders your JSON based on the schema which is documented there: export type DataTargetType = { type: string, properties: Array<{ type: string, name: string, value?

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