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Nazara Technologies to earmark $100m towards M&A activity

Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox Nazara Technologies has announced that it will commit $100 million to expand via mergers and acquisitions. The gaming and sports media firm said its pledge will be conducted across the next two years. Read more

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ByteDance reportedly planning to sell Moonton Technology

Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox TikTok owner ByteDance is reportedly exploring options to sell Shanghai developer Moonton Technology. Sources familiar with the matter told Reuters the company has been meeting with several potential buyers. ByteDance has declined to comment. Read more


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Technology Advancements Impacting Esports Gaming 

iXie gaming

Behind this growing demand lies various technologies impacting eSports gaming. In fact, technological advancements in eSports have been a key source of growth for the gaming sector. New technologies have seen the eSports industry become more and more competitive. Well, it makes it easier for the public to play games.

Esports 52
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UKIE: Video game technology was worth £1.3 billion in 2021 for non-gaming industries

Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox A new report says that UK video game technology used by non-gaming industries was worth £1.3 FTI Consulting and UKIE's study says the "spillover" technology includes game engines, VR, and 3D rendering software. billion during 2021. Read more

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Drone technology: Revolutionizing film budgeting


Overview of drone technology in filmmaking Drone technology's integration into filmmaking has opened up new horizons for storytellers. How drones impact film production costs Drone technology significantly reduces film production costs by cutting down on heavy equipment and personnel expenses traditionally associated with aerial shots.

Film 96
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From Blockchain to Cloud Gaming: Disruptive Technologies in the Gaming Realm

Juego Studio

The game development industry is driven by relentless creativity and technological advancements. As developers strive to create more immersive, engaging, and visually stunning experiences, adopting cutting-edge technologies has become a cornerstone of modern game design and production.

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Online Casino Tendencies in Technology

Game Wisdom

Online Casino Tendencies in Technology Josh Bycer It is not a secret that the field of online casinos is already buzzing with excitement. It is possible thanks to endless technologies that make online gambling better.