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Keoken Interactive unveils prototypes in 'last resort' to gain funding

Game Developer

With funding more difficult to find than ever, Keoken is revealing all its prototypes in the hopes one of them will lead to a deal.

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Iterative prototyping with Charlie Cleveland - GD Podcast episode 33

Game Developer

In the latest Game Developer podcast episode, we dive deep on prototyping and iterative design with Charlie Cleveland, game director on Subnautica and Moonbreaker.


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Gamecity Hamburg to provide €400,000 for game prototypes

Start-ups and studios, small and medium-sized, based in Hamburg can apply for Gamecity Hamburg's Prototype Funding. Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox Gamecity Hamburg has announced that it will be offering developers a total of € 400,000 in support. Read more

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Prototype to Publish Unity Humble Bundle

Game From Scratch Prototype to Publish Unity Humble Bundle The Prototype to Publish Unity Humble Bundle is a collection of 20 Unity assets for $15. Yes, there are no tiers to this bundle, and it is short lived, only lasting a week.

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Video Game Prototyping and Its Importance in Game Development

Logic Simplified

Therefore, before developing the game's final version, you must test a prototype. What is a video game prototype, and why is it essential? Video game prototyping is the process of developing a rough plan for your game. Video game prototyping also aids developers in determining what works in their game and what does not.

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5 Tips for Mobile Games Prototyping


Mobile games prototyping emerges as a crucial step in the game development process, enabling developers to iterate, test, and refine their game mechanics before the final production phase. In the competitive world of mobile game development, creating captivating and enjoyable gaming experiences is paramount.

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Game Prototype Development – Everything you need to know

iXie gaming

In game development, one of the most essential aspects is prototyping. It is essential to avoid skipping the process of creating a “physical” prototype to understand and overcome the complexities associated with game production. What exactly is a game prototype?