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Prince of Packaging: A tale of 1990s box art

Game Developer

In this fascinating post-mortem, the designer of Prince of Persia tells us the story of how its iconic cover art oddly played into its ultimate success.

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The best art and animation talks of GDC

Game Developer

A selection of coverage from some of the industry's most accomplished artists and animators, from their GDC 2023 panels.

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Electronic Arts lays off 6 percent of staff after "strong" profits

Game Developer

EA's layoffs are said to impact 6 percent of its staff, even as it continues to "operate from a position of strength."

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What is AI art and how will it impact artists?

CG Spectrum

People have begun questioning the ethics of AI art and what it means for those working or pursuing a creative career, particularly digital painting. We explore what AI art is, the types of AI art available, and hear from Concept Artist and CGS Dept. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) art? Jason Allen’s A.I.-generated

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Creative game art ideas


creative game art Implement your creative game art ideas in style and perfection. Experience our creativity: [link] ​ For more v Artstation: [link]

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Humble Game Design Book + Pixel Art Course Bundles

Game From Scratch Humble Game Design Book + Pixel Art Course Bundles There are a pair of Humble Bundles of interest to game developers launched today on Humble, the Game Design and AI Featuring Steve Rabin bundle and the Complete Pixel Art Online Course by Mammoth Interactive bundle.

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Top Game Art Outsourcing Companies


Special attention must be paid to game art design, as the visual element is one of the most meaningful aspects of the entertainment industry. The art design can be critical to the game’s overall success. Why Should Art Tasks Be Outsourced to Video Game Companies? Seasoned artists who are best versed in the required type of art.

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