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Best of POLYGON Game Dev Assets By Synty Humble Bundle

Game From Scratch Best of POLYGON Game Dev Assets By Synty Humble Bundle There is a new Humble Bundle for game developers, the Best of POLYGON Game Dev Assets by Synty bundle.

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Feature request: Texture atlas polygon support in CC v3


We use Texture Packer v7 and it supports Polygon atlases. Useful links: Cocos2d-x performance optimization with polygon sprites Are you experiencing low FPS in your cocos2d-x game? 如何重现) Create with Texture Packer or any other tool a Polygon Texture Atlas and apply them into a Sprite in Cocos Creator 2.1.3. (如何重现)

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Felony charges against Justin Roiland have been dismissed

As reported by Polygon , the case dismissal was attributed to "insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt." Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox Domestic violence charges against Justin Roiland have been dropped. Read more

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Silo 2023 Released

Game From Scratch

First released all the way back in 2007, Silo is a subdivision surfaces based polygonal modelling tool ideal for creating low polygon count models. Silo 2023 Released Silo 2023 was just released by Nevercenter.

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What is Level of Detail (LOD) in 3D Modeling? | Techniques & software

CG Spectrum

It helps reduce the amount of detail by simplifying polygons and textures as they get further away from the camera. Bump maps are useful for all types of 3D models — from rocks, wood, and concrete surfaces to fabric and other organic materials, adding a finer level of detail without the additional polygons or memory constraints.

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3D Content Interoperability with Topology-Free Modeling


The more polygons that an object has, the more detailed it appears, but high numbers of polygons demand more computing power. The polygon layout, or topology, of these items must be planned efficiently and created in advance to minimize the number of polygons and generate objects of the highest grade.

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How to get away with being an abusive employer | This Week in Business

This week it's Montreal-based studio Dynasty Loop , which has been working on NFT projects and (appropriately enough) has all but rug pulled its employees, judging by a Polygon report. It seems like every week there's another new story coming out about employees being mistreated or neglected by their employers. Read more

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