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Realistic smoke lighting with 6-way lighting in VFX Graph

Unity Blog

Tech Stream, Unity has introduced an end-to-end workflow that allows realistic real-time rendering of smoke from baked simulations and scales on all platforms. With the 2022.2 In this blog, get a breakdown of the corresponding new tools and features.

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Introduction to Light Probes in Unity

Game Development for Beginners

In our last tutorial on Unity lights, we learnt that baked lights do not affect dynamic objects. You can very well use a real time light to solve this issue but having multiple real time lights in your scene can really affect the performance. Also, gameobject are affected only by direct light in case of. Read more

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Mesh Baking Your Assets (With Ian Deane)

The GameDev Guru

Today, I had the pleasure to interview Ian Deane, the developer behind Mesh Baker. This famous Unity asset lets you drastically reduce your draw calls so your game runs at substantially higher frame-rate. Let's see what he has to say.

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Global Illumination updates in 2022.2 and beyond

Unity Blog

Discover updates to light baking performance, stability, and other new features that come with the 2022.2 Tech Stream release, plus highlights from Unity’s Global Illumination roadmap.

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Cocos Creator 3.7.2 Focuses On Optimized Rendering And Lighting Capabilities


Editor • Support baking high-precision lighting maps to get a better baking effect. When the user turns on high-precision lightmap baking, 16-bit colors are used instead of 8-bit colors, and AO channels are baked separately. Improvements • Move the Light Bake entry from the top item settings menu to the panel menu. •

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How Cookie Run Bakes its Monster Revenue

Deconstructor of Fun

This post is written by the fantastic Game Bakery substack team of Chase, Zixuan, Haiyin, Caitou, Fish, Amy, Chow, Jing, Wanzi and edited by Caitou, Rob. Sign up for their newsletter to be informed when the latest deconstruction drops. From our sponsor: Do you need funds to finish, release, or promote your game?

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What is Level of Detail (LOD) in 3D Modeling? | Techniques & software

CG Spectrum

Texture baking Texture baking allows you to generate 2D texture maps from a 3D model's high polygon count and is a technique used particularly in video games. Baking takes into account the lighting, shadows, and other surface details of the high polygon model and transfers them onto the texture maps.

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