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Explore cross-platform mixed reality development on Meta Quest 3

Unity Blog

With the recent release of the Meta Quest 3 headset, Unity tools for cross-platform mixed reality development on the device have moved from experimental to fully supported in the Editor’s 2022 LTS.

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iXie’s Guide to Mastering Cross-Platform Compatibility Testing for Your Game

iXie gaming

Well, it implies that cross-platform compatibility testing is more critical than ever.  Cross-platform compatibility testing ensures your game delivers a seamless and consistent experience across all platforms and devices. What is Cross-Platform Compatibility Testing? Better Reputation. 


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Cross-platform HDR display support in Unity 2023

Unity Blog

The Unity Editor and Standalone Players now provide cross-platform support for HDR output and full compatibility with the Universal and High Definition Render Pipelines.

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What makes Cross-platform game development popular in 2024?

Juego Studio

As the technologies evolve, there is a paradigm shift towards creating cross-platform games among developers to cater to the growing demand. Accessibility is crucial to building high-quality and popular games in today’s era.

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The Porting Blueprint: Unlocking Success in Cross-Platform Development

Starloop Studios

In the quickly evolving world of the gaming industry, the ability to reach different audiences using different platforms through cross-platform game development can be crucial to your game’s success. Though related to game porting, cross-platform game development differs in some key ways.

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Why do you Need to Build Cross-Platform Games in 2023?


Cross-platform mobile games are a trend that is quickly taking over the […] The post Why do you Need to Build Cross-Platform Games in 2023? appeared first on Artoon Solutions.

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Download this game developer's guide to going cross-platform

A new whitepaper 'Going cross-platform: a game developer’s guide to tools, technology and process' is available to download right here. Read more