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How to Use Occlusion Culling in Unity — The Sneaky Way

The GameDev Guru

For those who never went through an occlusion culling tutorial in Unity. can you guess what's wrong in this game's indoors scene?

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The transition to live services continues | Opinion

In fact, hardware transitions frequently served to thin the herd, with the cost increase being the final blow that saw many struggling publishers and developers shut their doors; the first couple of years of a new console generation could be generally expected to see such a cull. Read more.

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Reduce the draw call of the particle system Cocos Creator v3


You can check the renderCulling option of the 3D particle system and set the appropriate range of culling boxes

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Godot 4.0 optimization progress report

Mircosoft Game Dev

Before getting into the GPU side, several optimizations have been done on the CPU side: Culling is now done in a brute-force way which is extremely cache efficient. Everything in the main frame is culled at the same time, objects, light cascades, SDFGI cascades, etc. These test do culling on 10k objects.

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Joan Fons is hired to work on Godot's rendering

Mircosoft Game Dev

My first task will be integrating an occlusion culling system into the new Vulkan renderer. While occlusion culling is not a silver bullet, it can give big performance improvements in a variety of scenes. Moving forward, and with my full focus on Godot development, my goal is to work on Godot's 3D rendering and help bring Godot 4.0

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Godot for AA/AAA game development - What's missing?

Mircosoft Game Dev

using data oriented algorithms to process the culling of objects and both secondary command buffers and automatic batching to efficiently submit the draw primitives. The compatibility backend is based on OpenGL ES 3.0 / OpenGL 3.3 / WebGL 2.0 and is intended to run on very old PC hardware as well as most older (still working) mobile phones.

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Godot 3.4 is released with major features and UX polish

Mircosoft Game Dev

Rendering: Portal occlusion culling. Portal occlusion culling. Up till now a significant missing feature in the renderer has been the ability to cull (prevent rendering) objects that are within the camera view, but occluded by another object (for instance a wall). Core: Promote object validity checks to release builds.

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