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AccuRIG — Auto Rigging Tool from Reallusion

Game From Scratch AccuRIG — Auto Rigging Tool from Reallusion It would appear that Mixamo has a new competitor in the auto-rigging game, accuRIG from Reallusion (makers of Character Creator and iClone). It is a free download, available for Windows only, that is completely free, although an account is required to download.

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The Beginners Guide to Animation Rigging

Game Designing

And, we will provide you with some tips you need to begin your journey getting started in 3D animation rigging. But, a 3D model is really only a static object, and before the animators can begin to pose and animate the model it needs to be rigged. What is a 3D Animation Rigger? What Skills Do Character Riggers Need?

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Quaternius Free 3D Assets

Game From Scratch

Quaternius contains thousands of 3D assets, often game ready, rigged and animated in a wide variety of genres and themes. Quaternius Free 3D Assets When it comes to free game development assets we live in bountiful times, as todays featured site Quaternius will demonstrate.

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Experienced Programmer looking for a Partner 3D Artist


You have experience in creating assets for games and know how to Model, Texture and Rig. We would work out future projects together and you would be responsible for the realization of Characters, Props and Levels in 3D. Above all, you can choose the artstyle so that a project can be completed in the specified time and budget. I don't ai

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“Kobayashi Maru:” The Test is Rigged

Game Industry News

The post “Kobayashi Maru:” The Test is Rigged appeared first on Game Industry News. With regard to the controversy, I’m updating the hashtags for these columns to include “spoilers” to protect international viewers as they can no longer watch simultaneously with U.S.

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I, Excretus: That’s One Way to Rig a Score

Game Industry News

The Cerritos crew exceeded her expectations, even without her drills being rigged to force failure, and they will all be reassigned for remediation. The post I, Excretus: That’s One Way to Rig a Score appeared first on Game Industry News. Mariner notices that the drills haven’t finished because Boimler continues running his.

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Top 6 types of animation used in film, games, and advertising

CG Spectrum

The animator can also create characters using digital rigging. It’s more mechanical and technical than 2D animations and requires input from other departments to create 3D models and complex character rigs. 3D animation lets you drop your 3D rigged model into a digital scene and manipulate it. 3D Animation.