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Demystifying 3D Character Rigging for Games

Game Developer

In collaboration with one of our senior rigging and groom artists, we aim to demystify this craft and provide in-depth insights into the process of rigging characters for games.

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AccuRIG — Auto Rigging Tool from Reallusion

Game From Scratch AccuRIG — Auto Rigging Tool from Reallusion It would appear that Mixamo has a new competitor in the auto-rigging game, accuRIG from Reallusion (makers of Character Creator and iClone). It is a free download, available for Windows only, that is completely free, although an account is required to download.

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Automate facial rigging with cloud-based machine learning in Ziva Face Trainer

Unity Blog

Discover Ziva Face Trainer's automatic facial rigging capabilities using cloud-based machine learning.

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UK digital rights campaigner sues Valve for £656m over alleged anti-competitive practices

Valve is rigging the market and taking advantage of UK gamers," Shotbolt told BBC News. Steam is facing a £656 million collective action claim, brought forward by a digital rights campaigner who has accused Valve of using market dominance to overcharge 14 million UK consumers. Read more

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Artwork Update: Sprite Rigs Complete!

Yotes Games

It took about a month and a half, but ALL the pony sprite pieces have finally been drawn and as of right now I can begin the frame-by-frame animation process! Should be done and in-game by April's end (but given how that estimate's measured in gamedev time, we'll see how that goes ?).

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Popul8 uses AI to assist developers with the creation of digital game characters


This base character comes fully rigged and can be completely edited by the developer. As the designer changes elements of the character (let’s say changing a small young woman into a large werewolf), the rig and assets automatically adapt to the new shape of the character.

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Yellow raises $5m in seed funding round

Established in 2023, Yellow's first tool, YellowSculpt, uses AI to provide artists and designers with pre-rigged 3D character meshes within three minutes. With the investment from Andreessen Horowitz, it aims to expand its 3D character creation technology. Read more

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