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Let's use ChatGPT to (TRY TO) write a Breakout game in moden OpenGL


I have not used ChatGPT before to write any code except to test it to write a C++ function to generate a torus using OpenGL. All ChatGPT begins with --STARTGPT and ends with --ENDGPT, just for reference. Any ideas or comments along the way are welcome. It used GLUT and glBegin type junk and while it looked legit, I didn't test it.

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How to give better feedback in game writing (and beyond)

Game Developer

Narrative designers Alexa Ray Corriea and Lis Moberly want to help you give better feedback to your creative collaborators.

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How to Write a Software Requirements Specification (SRS Document)


In this blog, our experts give tips for writing better SRS documents, including detailed software requirements specification examples.

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Write your first GPU Kernel using Metal

Harold Serrano

Hey guys, I want to share how you can write your first GPU Kernel using Metal. All our code will do is write data from one buffer onto another. Write the compute Kernel. Once we start writing the Kernel, you will see what I mean. Now, we need to write our Kernel. Write your first Compute Function.

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Horizon Forbidden West writing unit gets full accreditation on Nebula Award nomination

After being left out, the entire writing team for Horizon Forbidden West has been credited on the title's Nebula Award nomination. When the adventure title was named as a finalist for game writing , developer Giles Armstrong took to Twitter to voice his concerns at the lack of accreditation. Read more

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Game Writing Job Hunt Misconceptions

Game Design Aspect

In this video, game writer Sande Chen lists the top 5 game writing job hunt misconceptions she found during her research on job seekers wanting to break into the video game industry. Some were in related careers like social media management or comedy writing. They came from all walks of life. Some were students. Don't be passed over.

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How to Write a Product Requirements Document (PRD) — With Examples


A Product Requirements Document (PRD) outlines what you’re going to build. Here are five steps to creating an effective PRD.

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