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The best game development software

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Our resources for free and low cost game development software, from game engines to art tools and tutorials, and more.

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RizomUV – UV Unwrapping Software

Game From Scratch RizomUV – UV Unwrapping Software If you have ever wished there was a magic button that would do automatic UV Unwrapping for you, the closest thing you will find is RizomUV. RizomUV is commercial software specifically for creating UVMaps available for Windows, Mac and Linux with a fully functioning trial available.


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What Is Automotive Software? Learn About Emerging Trends in Car Software Development


Learn about trends in automotive software, plus understand challenges of car software development. Start developing software in cars faster with the right tools.

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Altera raises $9m in seed round to fund AI software

The company intends to use these funds to improve its artificial intelligence software, and to grow its team for future development. Founded in December 2023, this brings its total funding to $11.1 million following a previous pre-seed round in January. Read more

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10 Best QA Companies Using AI in Software Testing in 2024

Rocket Brush Studio

Software testing is no exception. AI-powered solutions have revolutionized testing software, providing enhanced efficiency and accuracy. We all know that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we work and has incredible momentum across diverse industries.

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Naughty Dog, Id Software, and Activision alum form Empty Vessel

Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox Former Naughty Dog, Id Software, and Activision developers have established Empty Vessel. Based in Texas, Empty Vessel will be overseen by CEO and game director Emanuel Palalic. Alongside him, COO and general manager Garrett Young will lead the studio. Read more

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Negative Testing in Software Testing: A Guide for 2023

Rocket Brush Studio

Software testing is vital because it allows you to test if an application is working properly. There are various types of tests that you can perform if you work in the software industry. Nevertheless, all these tests fall under one of these two classifications: positive and negative testing.