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Balancy raises $700,000 in funding round

Gaming software firm Balancy has raised $700,000 in a funding round led by mobile industry veterans. As reported by Pocket Gamer , the funds raised will be used to grow Balancy's software as service platform, and its ability to aid small and mid-size studios to run and monetise live service games.

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Finding a New Balance Between AI and Beneficial Bugs

Game Developer

'Bugs are an integral part of games culture and the social networks that games build around themselves.'

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Solo dev Josh Salley (HALbot Studios) “I believe in keeping a good work life balance”


I believe in keeping a good work life balance. How do you deal with that? “Similarly to staying motivated, I feel it’s very important to keep a good work life balance. The post Solo dev Josh Salley (HALbot Studios) “I believe in keeping a good work life balance” appeared first on PreMortem Games.

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Deep Dive: Balancing the genre-bending beats of God of Rock

Game Developer

Striking the right balance between two genres means knowing what you want before development even begins.

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Hearthstone celebrates its 10th anniversary by balancing novelty with nostalgia

Game Developer

The upcoming Whizbang's Workshop expansion aims to prove that longevity is still on the cards for Hearthstone after ten years.

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Tips for Balancing Academics and Coding Simultaneously

Real Programming

Parents have struggled to get their kids to embrace homework decades before online coding existed, so part of the challenge about finding the right balance between the two involves sticking to each one. Still, here are some tips parents and students can use to help maintain a healthy balance between school and coding. Much has changed.

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Difficulty curves: how to get the right balance

Game Developer

Your difficulty curve has a major role to play in preventing players from churning in your games.

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