Sun.Nov 26, 2023

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Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

Indie DB

With great pleasure, we present the new update and announce the release date!

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Skul The Hero Slayer Stuck on Loading Screen: Working Fixes

Game Errors

Skul: The Hero Slayer is an enthralling game, but getting stuck on the loading screen can dampen the excitement. As a seasoned player, I’ve encountered and overcome this challenging issue a few times while playing, but after restarting my device, it worked fine for a couple of hours. However, this problem kept coming back at random times, and now restarting my PC doesn’t fix it anymore.


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[TUTORIAL] How to use Mobx to control your game state


Even though Unity has made remarkable work with the UIToolKit approach to development, trying to mimic the same FE reactivity-like features, I could not feel that I went back a few years in time working with early versions of Angular 2. It was difficult to keep and share the UI states with the reaction timeline of the game or even data prop drilling around.

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New World Low FPS: How I Improved the Performance

Game Errors

I’ve been playing New World for days on my PC. The game keeps me entertained, and one great thing is that I can enjoy it with my friends. However, I’ve noticed that on some of my other devices, New World has either low fps or stuttering issues. Thus, I decided to try to find effective solutions to improve my performance and make the game work smoothly, even if the hardware is a bit outdated.

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