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WarThunder Game Engine – Dagor – Engine – Open Sourced

Game From Scratch WarThunder Game Engine – Dagor – Engine – Open Sourced Out of nowhere and with no announcements, Gaijin Entertainment, the makers of the popular MMO War Thunder have just released the source code to the underlying game engine Dagor Engine.

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Godot Engine launches funding initiative to fuel long-term growth

Game Developer

The engine maker hopes its new development fund will give it more financial freedom and ensure it keeps up with the growing scale of its project.

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Two engineers build the physics-driven engineering parody The Enjenir


They are both well aware of the irony of two engineers developing a parody engineering game, but that hasn’t stopped Cillín Farrell and Neil Mackenzie from devoting the majority of their spare time doing just that. We’re working normal 9-5 civil engineering jobs”, says Cillín Farrell. “So So we’re doing this in our spare time.

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The Jolt Physics Engine

Game From Scratch The Jolt Physics Engine The Joly Physics Engine is a cross platform physics engine that powers the game Horizon Forbidden West. The reasoning behind the creation of the Jolt Physics engine was as follows: Jolt just released Jolt Physics 4.0, It is open source under the MIT license.

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Unreal Engine Pricing Changes

Game From Scratch Unreal Engine Pricing Changes With the game development world already reeling from the Unity Runtime Fee price change announcement, any talk of price changes for Unreal Engine are bound to cause more than a bit of concern.

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A comprehensive guide to the Unity Game Engine: Answers to Your Questions

Game Developer

This guide will teach you everything you need to know when considering Unity as the engine for your next game project. Are you curious about how to make games with Unity?

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Epic refines Unreal Engine 5 core rendering tools with 5.3 release

Game Developer

The engine's virtual camera systems have also been tweaked to facilitate greater collaboration.

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