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How major content drops can boost Early Access games like Slime Rancher 2

Game Developer

Monomi Park CEO Nick Popovich explains how big content drops can benefit your game's Early Access journey.

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Xbox hardware and content revenue is in decline

Game Developer

Hardware revenue declined by 13 percent year-on-year.

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Epic to unify content marketplaces and offer creators 88 percent revenue cut

Game Developer

The Unreal Engine Marketplace, ArtStation Marketplace, Sketchfab, and Quixel Bridge will soon become "Fab."

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Meet CliCli, the next big user-generated games content platform

Players have been building their own content since the dawn of computer games, as seen in the many mods and game modes created from other titles. Some of the most impactful games in the world, such as Minecraft and Roblox, are almost entirely focused around this kind of content. Read more

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3D Content Interoperability with Topology-Free Modeling


In addition, due to the topology creation process, 3D modeling is time consuming and has a high entry barrier for content creation. According to Ashot Gabrelyanov, CEO of Shapeyard development company Magic Unicorn, “As the web evolves, its content form does, too. This makes them inoperable with multiple platforms in the metaverse.

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Adding custom content from a 3D software into a game/private server?


hey everyone, so i'm hoping to get back into 3D graphic development again and i asked a GM of an archrage private server if i could join their team to add new content to the game. unfortunately they said this to me: can anyone explain or send a guide as to how one g

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Report: New YouTube policy leads to increased demonetisation of games content

An update in YouTube's moderation policies has reportedly led to increasing demonetisation of gaming content on the platform. Content creator RTGame has also shared his experience on Twitter , highlighting that the policy changes applied retroactively as well, demonetising several of his videos.

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