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League of Legends ' esports doesn't break even

Game Developer

Riot is trying to determine how it can get more money and eyes) on League of Legends' long-running esports scene.

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The Limits of Esports

Game Wisdom

The Limits of Esports Josh Bycer One of the entries in the Deep Dive series that I’m going to be writing is on Real-Time Strategy (or RTS) games. The RTS genre is one that has changed the most with the advent of trying to grow the … The post The Limits of Esports appeared first on Game Wisdom.

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International Olympic Committee announce plans for Olympic Esports Games

The International Olympic Committee has announced plans to create the Olympic Esports Games. During the opening ceremony of the 141st IOC session on Saturday in Mumbai, India, IOC president Thomas Bach revealed that the recently formed IOC Esports Commission will "study the creation" of such an event. Read more

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Riot Games to establish new EMEA esports arena

Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox Riot Games has revealed its intentions to open a home of esports with a new facility in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region.

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British Esports responds to backlash over Saudi esports partnership

The British Esports Association has responded to backlash following the announcement of its partnership with the Saudi Esports Federation earlier this week. Read more

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Activision Blizzard sued by US government over esports salaries

The government is taking issue with the esports leagues' Competitive Balance Tax, which it says was intended to penalize teams if they spent more on player salaries than an amount decided upon by Activision Blizzard.

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League of Legends esports is still not breaking even

Riot Games' League of Legends esports division still hasn't turned a profit, the developer's senior director of esports operations stated this week. drop in peak viewership compared to the LCS Spring finals, according to esports statistics site Esports Charts. The LCS Summer finals saw a 21.8% Read more

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