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On the topic of cutscenes, do you think we will get to the point where fully pre-rendered cutscenes will be phased out entirely? Are there any other advantages to having a cutscene be pre-rendered rather than in engine besides the cutscene being “prettier” than the base graphics?

Ask a Game Dev

I don't think that we'll ever see pre-rendered cutscenes go away permanently. As in-engine rendering improves, AAA games will likely move away from pre-rendered cutscenes but AAA games are far from the only games that use cutscenes and have engines that can render high quality cinematic visuals (e.g.

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Want to make a great game trailer? Stop pretending it’s a movie trailer


Fine line between flashy and simple editing I think one of the biggest mistakes a lot of indie games make is to chase the editing style of AAA games or Hollywood movies in hopes of looking like a ‘real’ or ‘legitimate’ trailer.

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Game-Changing Storytelling: How To Integrate Narrative Elements in Mobile Games

Game Refinery

However, these storytelling elements go far beyond the main narrative, with cutscenes and dialogue seamlessly integrated throughout the experience to build a truly immersive world. Goddess of Victory: NIKKE features high-quality anime cutscenes.

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Hideo Kojima: Influential and Innovative Video Game Director and Writer

Game Designing

Combined with his love for film, this leads to deep story-driven games with lengthy and cinematic cutscenes (Metal Gear Solid 4 once held the world record for the longest cutscene in any game). His games’ cinematic qualities and high technical standards also laid the early groundwork for our modern big-budget AAA games.

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Open world RPG design notes from Enderal, a big long Skyrim mod

Radiator Blog

This is a convenient diegetic way of locking the player in-place for a cutscene, while also priming the player for an extended cutscene. It is much better than the boring shot reverse-shot cutscene stuff going on in AAA RPGs these days, and makes Skyrim's "sit" mechanic more meaningful.

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Secrets in Videogames

Keith Burgun

Part of the “golden path” you just haven’t seen yet – If it’s your first playthrough, and you’re watching the first cutscene, whatever is in the next cutscene is not a “secret”, it’s just information that the player hasn’t encountered yet. They are findable.

Fantasy 52
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Design review of Redfall by Arkane Studios Austin

Radiator Blog

Instead there's cutscenes without animation, scripted conversations without choreography, and readables you rarely read because the game never pauses. All the dynamic cutscenes and dialogue sequences relied on 4 player characters all bantering amongst each other like in Buffy or something. But not really.

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