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Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity

Game From Scratch Atlas Terrain Editor for Unity Currently part of the 30 for $30 Unity Mega Bundle Atlas Terrain is an extension for the Unity terrain system that gives you several new abilities. At it’s core it enables you to use multiple terrain height maps like prefabs, quickly stamping out your terrain.

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Creating Terrain in Godot Tutorial

Game From Scratch Creating Terrain in Godot Tutorial We recently discussed using the Godot Game Engine for AAA games, specifically areas it needs to improve and one of the most obvious is in terrain support. Out of the box the Godot game engine has no support for creating terrain.

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Terrain3D – A New Terrain Engine for Godot

Game From Scratch Terrain3D – A New Terrain Engine for Godot Terrain3D was just released, a free and open source terrain engine for the Godot game engine. on of the most requested missing features is a system for creating and editing terrain. With the recent release of Godot 4 (and Godot 4.1)

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Object Placement on Terrain (Mesh)


This chapter is all about how I solved it (so far) to be able to place all kinds of assets like 3D-meshes or self-growing fractal seeds on the terrain. What Sebastian Lague did to work-around it when generating new terrain chunks on runtime is to use multithreading. Before we start. Freezing is simply annoying and kills the flow.

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The five deadly traps of user acquisition

This article reveals the five deadly traps I have observed in the world of UA that can ensnare unsuspecting studios, and offers pragmatic, battle-tested strategies to navigate this treacherous terrain. Read more

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D2 log 074 – New level format

Catnip Games

I export the rendered terrain from Blender as a RGBA image but with alpha value set to depth. The custom terrain shader uses the z-channel to draw water in lower areas of the level. This gives me freedom in level design and saves work making tiles… tileable. Interactive elements will be placed using the in-game editor.

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CGS Dept. Head of VFX enters KitBash3D's Mission to Minerva Challenge

CG Spectrum

Selecting a base terrain. In the Mission to Minerva Kit, there are three different terrain materials supplied. I decided on Terrain C because it had flat mountain details that I thought would work well with building placement. (I From there you can use all of the terrain tools as normal.

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