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Baldur's Gate 3's mocap director goes into the full performance process

Game Developer

Every NPC for Baldur's Gate 3 had to be mocapped, said capture director Aliona Baranova, and it was to the game's benefit that they were.

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Ubisoft's AI Ghostwriter tool aims to support scriptwriters

Game Developer

Ubisoft gets into the AI game with its Ghostwriter tool to handle the NPC barks in its games.

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Could AI spell the end of the immersion-breaking NPC? | Opinion

Sign up for the GI Daily here to get the biggest news straight to your inbox You'd be forgiven for feeling a little cynical about the sudden explosion of hype around artificial intelligence and LLMs (Large Language Models) that we've seen in the past few weeks; after all, it's once bitten, twice shy, and we've all just spent a couple of years being (..)

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Star Nomad 2 Patch Notes (v 2.22.07)

Half Geek

NPC Flight AI updated to take advantage of the larger flight area. Roguelike mode, NPC pilots will rank up and upgrade their ships more often. In the mid-game, NPCs will come equipped with better armor, shields and weapons. NPC Combat Drone AI re-coded, to optimize flight patterns enabling more shots on target.

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Generative AI Sparks Life into Virtual Characters with NVIDIA ACE for Games


To further align the NPC’s behavior with expectations, in the future, you can apply reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) to receive real-time feedback from designers during the development process. After the NPC is fully aligned, the final step is to apply NeMo Guardrails , which adds programmable rules for NPCs.

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Star Nomad 2 major update incoming

Half Geek

An example of the new design below: With more space, there will also be an increase in NPC ship activity. Other NPC ugprades include additional missile launchers and drone bays on ships that field drones. It’s a balancing act between more vision, and avoiding everything looking too small on mobile screens.

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Life’s Meta is using AI to tackle the dating game

Game Daily

Players create their own avatar and persona, and then try to get to know pre-programmed NPCs. You win by ingratiating yourself to the NPC, by saying the right things, and not saying the wrong things. Should the player and the NPC that they are with age together? It’s about creating comfort between the player and the NPC.

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