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It should’ve been Donkey Kong Racing

Keith Burgun

Feels like a “rare” few know about what an incredible game Diddy Kong Racing is. DKR is a legit racing game, as in, your skill at racing will be mercilessly judged by the game. DKR is a legit racing game, as in, your skill at racing will be mercilessly judged by the game.

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Stampede: Racing Royale is an automotive take on the battle royale genre

Game Developer

Sumo Digital hopes to blend the chaos of battle royale games with a love for classic kart racing.

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How constraints fueled Two By 4 Racing 's co-op steering wheel controllers

Game Developer

Two By 4 Racing makes two players work together with bike tire-based steering wheel controllers, driving and powering a cooperative vehicle with their actions together.

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Racing Game Mechanics – A Detailed Guide

Juego Studio

Racing games have a separate fan base. Need For Speed, F1 2021, Dirt Rally, and Super Mario Deluxe are some of the much loved racing games by players all over the world.

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[Event Spotlight] How Mobile Game Developers Are Driving Player Engagement With Race Events

Game Refinery

This trend is now spinning out into race events – where players compete to see who can reach a designated objective first – resulting in a variety of new race event types emerging. These race events are mostly encountered in casual titles, although they work well for any games that function on level-based progression mechanics.

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Rumble Racing Star brings kart racing to Web3

Game Daily

Rumble Racing Star is a Mario Kart-alike with Web3 elements, published by DeLabs Games (part of 4:33 Creative Lab) in South Korea. Quinn Kwon: We were looking at different racing genres and we were inspired by lawnmower racing culture. It’s a really casual racing game.

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How to create a curve road for the racing game?


And I want to create racing tracks (like on image below) right in the creator editor. I’m creating the drift game. So, there few questions: How to create a track in the editor? I haven’t found any embedded curve editor. If I can draw a curve, how I can fill it with the asphalt texture? How can I make a curved colliders for the walls?

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