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Rising Star – Kalam Neale, head of education at the British Esports Federation

Game Development News

Kalam Neale, head of education at the British Esports Federation, on developing a curriculum and changing people’s misconceptions

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GamerMaker unveils free education version

GameMaker has announced that educators can teach game design for free using its materials and resources. The platform attributed the rising budget constraints of schools to why it released a free education version. GameMaker said that with its non-paid program students will learn programming basics and develop skills in STEM.

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New educational angle: Vultures update


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Johana Riquier: “Gaming as a driver for economic growth in the global south”


Gaming can create jobs, promote entrepreneurship and drive investment in infrastructure and education. For example in Senegal, where the level of education is quite low, financial institutions look at games and gamified apps to teach people financial literacy.” They can be used to help equip individuals with skills that are in demand.

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Game your way to a lifetime of career opportunities

Unity Blog

Unity’s Jessica Lindl shares background on the changing landscape for modern education and how Unity works with schools to build inclusive programs that incorporate future-ready skills into curricula through gaming and computer science.

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Text Adventure - 3Dbuzz Tutorial (C# Starter)


I would be very grateful for additional materials and educational instructions.