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How major content drops can boost Early Access games like Slime Rancher 2

Game Developer

Monomi Park CEO Nick Popovich explains how big content drops can benefit your game's Early Access journey.

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Meet CliCli, the next big user-generated games content platform

For as long as PC games have existed, the boundary between developer and fan has been blurred. Players have been building their own content since the dawn of computer games, as seen in the many mods and game modes created from other titles. The latest platform to enter this fray is Singapore’s CliCli. Read more

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UN survey gauges player sentiment on environmental game content

of players would be "motivated" to pay for environmental content in games if it adds to the experience. When asked whether they would like to see environmental content in the games they play, the respondents replied "Yes, definitely" at 35.4%, and "Maybe, if it fits the game's universe/narrative" at 46%.

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Adding custom content from a 3D software into a game/private server?


hey everyone, so i'm hoping to get back into 3D graphic development again and i asked a GM of an archrage private server if i could join their team to add new content to the game. unfortunately they said this to me: can anyone explain or send a guide as to how one g

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Report: New YouTube policy leads to increased demonetisation of games content

An update in YouTube's moderation policies has reportedly led to increasing demonetisation of gaming content on the platform. According to VentureBeat , YouTubers like Penquinz0 have noticed an uptick in demonetised videos after a policy update cracking down on game violence.

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Sound design essentials for updating live service mobile games


With the growth of "live service" games, game development has taken on an increasingly iterative creative process. These beloved escapes are often sustained through the introduction of new content (e.g., Some tips and tricks we put into action for our work on Mobile Legends Bang Bang! season passes, DLC expansions, and new

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Former Criterion leaders set-up new AAA games studio Fuse Games

The veterans who left Need for Speed developer Criterion in December last year have reunited to form a new AAA studio: Fuse Games. The new outfit has been founded by studio general manager Matt Webster, head of content Steve Uphill, head of production Pete Lake, head of technology Andrei Shires, and head of operations Alan McDairmant.

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