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UX Research in game development: an essential explainer

Game Developer

That’s where UX research comes into play. During game development, we’re a little in the dark about how players might experience and respond.

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The Art of the Game

Lately, I’ve been deepdiving into UX / UI – while I ‘can’ do graphic design, I’m much more of a get the idea out and its done. The post UX/UI appeared first on The Art of the Game. So, in the few moments I get here and there, I try and read what I can; usually in the pickup line at kiddo’s school.

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League of Geeks: "It's a very serious time for a studio of our size"

Kusters says League of Geeks wants to follow in Paradox's footsteps, making strategy games and their usually opaque UX "far more accessible." Read more

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The Basic Fundamentals of Game Design

Logic Simplified

UI/UX in Game Design User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two critical aspects of game design that are often overlooked. Similarly, a good UX design ensures that players have a smooth and enjoyable experience while playing your game.

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Making A Better Card Feel Worse With UX

Tom Francis

I think you could make Slay’s power dramatically better purely with UX changes: – You’re dealt your normal 5 cards. ” With the existing UX that can never happen, since there’s no concept of which card is the ‘extra’ one. . – The extra card is shown in the center of the screen.

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Why Gamification Makes Everything Else More Fun

Brand Game Development

For that reason, I’ve brought in Sean Fallon, Founder & CEO of Smunchy Games and User Experience (UX) Designer extraordinaire. His background in UX has given him a keen sense of what motivates people to take action. Playtesting in this stage of game design is related to user research in UX design. A Practical Example.

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Everything you never wanted to know about burnout

He was followed by Spry Fox lead game designer Alicia Fortier, Blizzard Entertainment lead content designer Osama Dorias, and The Outsiders lead UX designer Anna Brandberg sharing their own experiences with occupation burnout and what they've learned from the ordeal. Read more

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